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Post Training Assistance (PTA)


Finding Jobs Criterion

The following factors considered by most clients to hire a candidate.( Post Training Assistance)

  • Candidate – Active Vs Passive Job Seekers.
  • Location Preference – Local Vs Open for relocation.
  • Salary Expected – Current Vs Next.
  • Skill – Fresh Vs Experienced.
  • Job Title – Entry – Mid – Senior roles.
  • Type of Job – Contract Vs Full-time.
  • Work – Onsite Vs remote.

On average 80% of our candidates have found successfully a job depending upon candidate preferences.

PTA Program and Process Steps

The PTA program will allow you to get started with the following tasks.

This program lasts for 2 weeks / 15 Hours.

  1. Resume preparation
  2. Narrative writing
  3. Taking mock sessions.

The Student will be closely working with Qtech-Sol for the next 2 weeks after program certification, to ensure the candidate is prepared and ready for Interviewing. During this program, the first step is to get your resume aligned to roles and duties performed. Aligning the learnings gained to meet the job market on a resume. The Narrative writing process will allow you to better explain details of the resume during interviews and to position yourself to open positions applied. Take a mock session to test your skills and understand the most frequently asked questions during interviews.

Ways to Gain Experience

Here are four ways to gain experience and get your foot in the door so you can obtain your first job. Qtech can help you.

  1. Internships
  2. Volunteering
  3. Networking
  4. Freelancing

Steps followed at Qtech.

Step-1: Exercise to do to get started.

We expect each student looking for a job as the next step, to follow the following process.

  1. Please investigate various possible jobs open in job sites, such as indeed, career-builder, dice, etc., open jobs open or closed.
  2. Use keywords search, based on lessons and job titles, during your search to identify positions.
  3. Copy and paste the job duties of each job identified into a word document.
  4. Bucket the duties per lessons learned during the training program (Basic, Advanced, Additional)
  5. Prepare a word document by lesson and map to the job duties buckets.
  6. Compare the learnings gained to the job requirements and identify your strengths to prepare a document.

Step-2: Resume Preparation.

Qtech-Sol will provide some sample resumes for you to get started with your resume preparation. Copy of the draft resume prepared by the candidate must be emailed to the director for review. We will review the resume and will suggest required to meet the job market.

Step-3: Narrative Writing.

The finalized resume will allow you to write down your narrative form in the first tense so that you are able to defend your resume. Email the narrative form to me for review and proceed to take a mock session. You will be deputed with a specialist for a mock session and for possible anticipated interview questions.

Step-4: Mock Sessions.

You will be deputed with a specialist for the mock session and for possible anticipated interview questions. The mock session is conducted to get prepared for possible interviews.

Step-5: Readiness and Taking Interviews

Qtech-Sol will work closely with candidates and will help students in the application process with promising clients. The student can take lead to identify open roles to maximize opportunities. The student will get engaged with one of our technical experts for multiple mock sessions so that the student will be successful

For Support:

Please email your current resume to:

Human Resources