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Resume Marketing Services (RMS)

Finding Jobs Criterion

The following factors considered by most clients to hire a candidate.

  • Candidate – Active Vs Passive Job Seekers.
  • Location Preference – Local Vs Open for relocation.
  • Salary Expected – Current Vs Next.
  • Skill – Fresh Vs Experienced.
  • Job Title – Entry – Mid – Senior roles.
  • Type of Job – Contract Vs Full-time.
  • Work – Onsite Vs remote.

Qtech-Sol RMS (Resume Marketing Services) program is performed in 2 phases. The RMS program (Phase-I) is for 15 days, allowing us to focus on suitable positions to target and have your resume structured with key words per job posted by clients and have narrative form written. Your resume is the front face for clients to call you. The RMS program (Phase-II) is to support u to successfully get interviewed with mock sessions. The RMS Phase-II support is available for 60-90 days from the date your resume is finalized.

RMS Program and Process Steps

The RMS program is provided in 2 Phases.

  • Phase-I (2 weeks)
    1. a) Resume preparation
    2. b) Narrative writing
  • Phase-II (12 weeks)
    1. a) Preparing for Interview
    2. b) Mock Sessions

RMS Phase-I (2 weeks)

Qtech-Sol RMS Phase-I helps its trained and certified students to work on their initial resume build process. We share sample resumes and learning curve document to begin. During this time, we strongly encourage students to investigate all possible positions (open and closed) available in your location or surrounds by job title that applies. A draft copy of the resume is emailed to for review. Qtech-Sol will review your draft resume and will suggest recommendations for modification. It will be student responsibility to work on their resume as per guidelines shared. At the end of RMS Phase-I stage (Initial 15 days or earlier), Qtech-Sol will review as final and will share copy of their resume to student and shall retain the same its database for future references. The resume must contain most buzzing keywords and sentences required to meets client positions. Please keep in mind we do not fabricate resume or add experiences. The prior experiences remain on resume and will be rewritten by you if required. Fresh students or career changers will add on top as Qtech-Sol student Intern for 3 months and will be eligible to receive reference for the period. During the RMS Phase-I the student will as well prepares a Narrative form document explaining details of the learnings gained. The Narrative document helps student to focus on key aspects of the resume, skills (Technical and Soft skills) and role details needed to deliver on initial calls as received from Placement agencies or Client HR. Making a position impact and how your skills fit to the role, will take you to next level discussions (Client Interview). Your communication style and delivery matters. Since Qtech-Sol offers job focused training, student will be able to defend their resume. Please keep in mind your resume is front face for receiving any vendor or client calls for initial interview settings.

RMS Phase-II (12 weeks)

During RMS Phase-II (Next 60-90 days, from date resume is finalized), it’s time for student to start applying for open positions that meets their skills as indicated on their resume. Student will keep Qtech-Sol in loop on all positions applied or planned. Best practice is to Bcc us on This will allow us to understand your resume performance under current market scenarios / circumstances. The feedback on resume will be determined based on number of initial calls received and your discussions had. In case we need twig on your resume it will be performed as early within next 15 days. This will help you to increase your resume visibility at various job sites posted by you. The student determines the list of job sites to post their resume based on their location, findings of job sites available at use. Please keep in mind Qtech-Sol is not a consultancy or placement agency, we do not apply for you. We request student to apply themselves to open positions available and they will have every opportunity to discuss directly on their salary or payrate requirements with vendors or clients contacted. Qtech-Sol will share a ball-mark salary or rate/hour you can negotiate depending on the job type applied. However, it always candidates’ choice to decide on what pay they are targeting. At times Qtech-Sol will share positions to apply on weekly basis as made available to it from its connections and resource partners. Once an interview is scheduled by client, you will be required to share the job details (JD) to us, along with copy of the resume and client details. Qtech-Sol shall review the JD and client information shared by you to further analyze the job specifics required. This analysis allows Qtech-Sol to conduct a mock session with you for this position. Please keep in mind no two position is like 100%. Henceforth the possible interview questions can change. The mock session is usually for 30 minutes, and we will email you a google meet invite to join 1 or 2 days prior to your client interview scheduled date. Qtech-Sol has a success rate of 80% on serious candidates and they have found a job within 2-3 months. Qtech-Sol strives its best to support its student during the phase-II for next 60-90 days from the date the resume has been finalized. On expectational ground Qtech-Sol has extended the support for additional 30 days depending on market conditions and prevailing opportunities available in your location. Student can request for such additional support days via email.

Please keep in mind Qtech-Sol does not guarantee jobs but will make every effort to support you (per above practices) to succeed.

For Support:

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